I obtained mail a mail on 27 Feb 2014 from award office.They told me that I had acquired funds prize FROM: THE DESK OF THE E-MAIL PROMOTIONS Manager International PROMOTIONS/PRIZE
AWARD Division, YAHOO LOTTERY AWARD Inc.International PROMOTIONS/PRIZE AWARD Office NETHERLANDS . Am I a true winner? or Is this a phony?

Solution by dizz
No It is a bogus. It should also be documented to yahoo.

Answer by Lyn G
Effectively, Shaon, did you enter that lottery, you know acquire a ticket????? No??? You can not acquire something you did not enter or perform. In addition to Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Microsoft, MSN and Aol do not have lotteries, reward packages, promotions, or contests.
When an E-mail offer appears also good to be correct, then it is certainly not accurate.
It is a fraud to get your personal information and/or your cash, or both!
Do not reply to it.
Report it, forward it to the FTC at spam@uce.gov and to the abuse desk of the sender’s ISP.
For yahoo, report them right here: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/ya…
Select Fraud as the purpose for the violation you might be reporting on.
Also, if the E-mail seems to be impersonating a lender or other company or group, forward the concept to the real firm.

Eithor Mega Hundreds of thousands or Powerball, since they are really worth more then standard state lotteries.

Reply by darkfreak1969
$ 365M Powerball founded by 8 winners in Lincoln, Nebraska on February 2006.