Was there ever a time where 1 state earned the jackpot for the power-ball plus mega-millions lottery found on the same week? I recognize there were states which claimed either of them several occasions however, was there ever a time whenever it occurred found on the same week? For example..the jackpot for the MM about 1/25/13 was claimed inside NJ thus may it result again for the PB jackpot that is about 1/26/13..and has which ever occurred with any different state…just interested

Answer by TB
Yes, it’s occurred many occasions. These are only the ones because 2013………….

November 27, 2014 – Mega Millions $ 50 million dollar Jackpot, 1 winner

November 28, 2014 – Powerball $ 384 million dollar Jackpot, 2 winners

November 1, 2014 – Mega Millions $ 78 million dollar Jackpot, 1 winner

November 2, 2014 – Powerball $ 151 million dollar Jackpot, 1 winner

June 29, 2014 – Powerball $ 40 million dollar Jackpot, UNCLAIMED (Ha Ha)

July 1, 2014 – Mega Millions $ 107 million dollar Jackpot, 1 winner

September 17, 2014 – Mega Millions $ 54 million dollar Jackpot, 1 winner

September 18, 2014 – Powerball $ 63 million dollar Jackpot, 1 winner

March 12, 2014 – Mega Millions $ 20 million dollar Jackpot, 1 winner

March 13, 2014 – Powerball $ 101 million dollar Jackpot, 1 winner

December 22, 2013 – Mega Millions $ 165 million dollar Jackpot, 1 winner

December 26, 2013 – Powerball $ 63 million dollar Jackpot, 1 winner

November 10, 2013 – Mega Millions $ 77 million dollar Jackpot, 2 winners

November 11, 2013 – Powerball $ 48 million dollar Jackpot, 1 winner

October 14, 2013 – Powerball $ 16 million dollar Jackpot, 1 winner

October 16, 2013 – Mega Millions $ 220 million dollar Jackpot, 1 winner

May 27, 2013 – Powerball $ 118 million dollar Jackpot, 1 winner

May 29, 2013 – Mega Millions $ 35 million dollar Jackpot, 1 winner

EDIT : Sorry, read the query incorrect. I see no date where the same state earned both Jackpots inside the same week.

(PRWEB UK) 29 November 2014

Bob Dawkins, chief investment officer, Towry:

Its today five years because the finish of the credit boom inside late 2007 as well as the begin of the financial crisis, that was caused by the collapse of the Bear Sterns US mortgage hedge fund plus, closer to house, the run about Northern Rock. With the credit crisis growing into a government debt crisis, were not from the woods yet.

Recent returns have usually been considered bad by numerous whom have been left frustrated following years of much stronger gains. There are wise factors for why investors feel they have not had wealthy experiences over the previous five years:

The concept of diversification has been severely tested

The merits of spreading the dangers are commonly recognised. But, countless investors that thought they were diversified were proven incorrect inside 2008 whenever many asset classes plus investments all fell inside tandem. This lead various to think: Whats the point inside being diversified when everything behaves the same inside instances of strain?

Safe banks highlight stock certain risk

In the run-up to 2008, several investors thought investing inside blue chip banks with steady dividend payouts had been a secure investment approach. This cause a quantity of concentrated holdings inside well-known banks including Royal Bank of Scotland plus HBOS, causing extensive losses. RBS shares fell 98.6% between March 2007 plus January 2013 yet it might require a almost 7000% rise inside the worth to receive back to the 2007 peak. Ultimately, there is not a these thing because a secure share.

Property investors experience liquidity risk

Liquidity risk was experienced by several investors for the very first time. As an example, bricks plus mortar property funds will just provide daily redemption terms offered everyone doesnt wish To redeem at when. We all understand how lengthy it takes to market property thus its really impossible to market property assets to return back to investors when there is a abrupt rush to the leave. Many funds imposed redemption bans for about six months or even more.

Professional investors caught by Madoff scam

Even specialist investors got caught out. The Bernie Madoff scam was the biggest inside US financial history, causing estimated trader losses of $ 18m. Many institutional investors were among those investors, thus even with their high amount of due diligence they nonetheless got caught out by scam.

Structured product counterparty failures

Structured goods have been prevalent with lower risk investors because they frequently promise a proportion of stock marketplace returns together with a security of capital following a fixed period. But, usually forgotten is that the security is available from another counterparty plus when they cannot honour their obligation then there is not a security. Lehmans, for example, was the counterparty to many structured items causing the failure of these goods.

So where are you because you enter year six of the crisis? With an indebted developed globe, the yields about various developed planet government bonds, including gilts, have hit record lows inside 2014, with yields commonly under the prevailing rate of inflation. Government bonds are benefitting from a perceived secure haven status plus consequently investors are accepting a return of capital instead of a return about capital. This will likely not usually function as the case plus when yields begin increasing capital values might begin to fall. The catalyst may be high inflation, improved optimism regarding the economy or perhaps a reduction of self-confidence about a countrys ability to manage their debt level.

The Eurozone has been a main theme affecting not only Europe however, the rest of the globe, inside terms of the impact about trade plus company self-confidence. There are no rapid or simple solutions, with a sticking plaster approach just prolonging the pain.

The fiscal cliff inside the US could result a marketplace wobble. On first January 2014 the Bush era taxes cuts along with a temporary payroll taxes cut can expire simultaneously which spending cuts might automatically kick inside, inside purchase to decrease the budget deficit (hence the expression fiscal cliff). The US Congressional Budget Office estimates which this can minimize the deficit from $ 1.1tn to $ 640bn. But, it might equally send the US into recession, with all the economy estimated to shrink 2.9% inside the initially half of 2014 before growing 1.9% inside the 2nd half. This really is except Congress could agree an alternative deficit reduction program.

Having delivered almost double digit year by year development over the last decade, Chinas economy is slowing, partly due to efforts by the government control inflation plus property bubbles. Chinese leaders have reported their want to rebalance the economy away from exports to customers however, there are concerns because to the extent of the slowdown.

Against this backdrop, investors should receive increasingly selected to the hot regular of low development. There are numerous challenges ahead for investors nevertheless just burying the head inside the sand plus sitting inside cash may function as the worst approach for safeguarding buying energy, incredibly with inflation rises about the corner.

Instead, investors should commence with a strong financial program inside region, guaranteeing they have a approach aligned with their requirements, affordability plus tolerance to risk. Investment managers should supply smart plus sophisticated diversification split by asset classes, approach plus geography, with appropriate employ of active administration while equally guaranteeing thorough due diligence of passive funds where employed.

Information about Towry:

Towry is a growing riches guidance company, employing over 650 folks inside 18 offices over the UK plus managing �four.5 billion of discretionary customer assets (because at 20 December 2014)

Towry has fee-based independent riches guidance plus investment administration services to private people with investable assets inside excess of �100,000.

The Companys vision is to become the UKs leading provider of riches guidance. Towry aims to achieve this by having professionally qualified employees delivering good quality guidance plus investment administration services to customers supported with a robust operational infrastructure.

John Scott & Partners was created inside 1968 plus inside 2006 the firm acquired Towry Law. The merged company was re-launched inside 2007 because Towry Law. Towry Law acquired Edward Jones Limited inside November 2013 plus, following integration of the organization, the merged company was rebranded because Towry inside May 2014.

Towry is a private company: the main shareholders are administration plus employees plus Palamon Capital Partners, 1 of Europes leading private equity companies.

Towry has been indexed amidst Private Client Practitioners Top 25 Most Admired Companies for 2014 plus is furnished by Camelot to offer holistic financial planning guidance to National Lottery winners.

After I inquired about this ASK Blog countless occasions because, to why all Big Powerball Jack Pots are Won THE MIDWEST States 99.9% of the time.
Lower plus Behold Connecticut has a Big Winner.
This clearly shows, they have control over where plus whenever, the Big Winner is.
This must raise a RED FLAG that it must be a Rigged Game plus not unique.
This an attempt, to pay for up their illegal escapades, by permitting an East Coast Winner.
An Investigation is within Order of the Lottery Commission because a entire.

Answer by TB
It’s completely unique that wins plus where they reside. It appears at minimum inside the previous 7 years more Jackpots have been earned inside the Midwest then additional areas nevertheless alternative areas are getting a great deal of jackpots also. Also consider the West amount is low however, California that is the biggest state inside the West doesn’t engage inside the Powerball lottery. Additionally Nevada, Utah, plus Wyoming don’t engage inside the Powerball lottery either. Two states inside the South moreover never engage inside the Powerball lottery. All the states inside the Midwest plus Northeast have the Powerball lottery accessible. Below is the breakdown for Jackpot winners inside every area…………

2011 – 6 Jackpots inside the Northeast, 3 inside the Midwest, 3 inside the South

2010 – 8 Jackpots inside the South, 5 Jackpots inside the Midwest, 2 inside the Northeast, 2 inside the West

2009 – 4 inside the Midwest, 4 inside the Northeast, 4 inside the South, 1 inside the West

2008 – 4 inside the South, 3 inside the Northeast, 3 inside the Midwest, 1 inside the West

2007 – 5 inside the Midwest, 4 inside the South, 4 inside the West, 3 inside the Northeast

2006 – 7 inside the Midwest, 2 inside the West, 2 inside the South

2005 – 4 inside the Midwest, 4 inside the West, 3 inside the Northeast, 3 inside the South

Midwest – 28
Northeast – 21
South – 20
West – 14

Answer by LegFuJohnson
Right, considering we personally asked about a website, the result changed.

I asked why the Raiders couldn’t beat the Bears about a website… plus then they did. The NFL is Rigged!

Answer by pdq
Don’t we see the mistake???

We should ask why YOU didn’t win the PowerBall jackpot! Yes – that’s the type of force we have!

Ask which query over plus over again. Guess what? They usually CHOOSE we to win the jackpot!

Wow! Why didn’t anybody think of the before! Congratulations ahead of time!